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Records of Cheiloneurus carinatus Compere, 1938 in Tanzania:

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Compere, H. 1938, A report on some miscellaneous African Encyrtidae in the British Museum. Bulletin of Entomological Research 29:330 (Parasitoid identification correct)     view Compere, H.  (1938) in PDF format
Herting, B. 1972, Homoptera. A catalogue of parasites and predators of terrestrial arthropods. Section A. Host or Prey/Enemy. 2:115 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Slough, England    
Noyes, J.S.; Hayat, M. 1994, Oriental mealybug parasitoids of the Anagyrini (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) pp.444 CAB International, Oxon, UK     view Noyes, J.S.; Hayat, M.  (1994) in PDF format