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Records of Anagrus Haliday, 1833 in Philippines:

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Barrion, A.T.; Litsinger, J.A. 1983, Parasites of white rice leafhopper Cofana spectra (Dist.) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in the Philippines. International Rice Research Newsletter 8(6):20    
Claridge, M.F.; Claridge, L.C.; Morgan, J.C. 1988, Anagrus egg parasitoids of rice-feeding planthoppers. Proceedings, 6th Auchenorrhyncha meeting, Turin, Italy, September 7-11 1987. Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche, Italy. pp.617-621 (Eds: Vidano, C.; Arzone, A.)    
Schoenly, K.G.; Justo, H.D. jr; Barrion, A.T.; Harris, M.K.; Bottrell, D.G. 1998, Analysis of invertebrate biodiversity in a Philippine farmer's irrigated rice field. Environmental Entomology 27(5):1125-1136