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Records of Mesopolobus Westwood, 1833 in Peoples' Republic of China-Jilin (Kirin):

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Wang, G.; Wei, H.X. 1992, A report on parasite natural enemies of Xingan larch casebearer (Coleophora dahurica Flkv.). Collection of achievements on the technique cooperation project of P.R. Hina and F.R. Germany pp.21-24 (Eds: Zhao, M.G.; Shi, J.L.; Pan, H.Y.; Wan, Y.Y.) Ministry of Forestry, P.R. China    
Xiao, Hui; Huang, D.W.; Zhang, G.Y. 2001, A survey on parasitic chalcidoids (Hymenoptera) in Jilin. Entomological Knowledge 38(3):204