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Records of Erythmelus Enock, 1909 in Peoples' Republic of China:

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Hu, H.Y.; Triapitsyn, S.V. 2013, Taxonomic notes on Erythmelus Enock (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) from Xinjiang, China, with description of a new species. Turkish Journal of Zoology 37(4):429 [ Parasitoid cited as Erythmelus (Erythmelus) near flavovarius (Walker). ]     view Hu, H.Y.; Triapitsyn, S.V.  (2013) in PDF format
Lin, N.Q. 2001, Recent advances on the systematics of Mymaridae from China. Abstracts of papers. International symposium: Parasitic Hymenoptera: taxonomy and biological control. 14-17 May, 2001, Köszeg, Hungary. pp.36 (Eds: Thuróczy, C.; Eke, I.; Káldy, J.; Melika, G.) Systematic parasitoid laboratory, Köszeg, Hungary     view Lin, N.Q.  (2001) in PDF format