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Records of Hemiptarsenus varicornis Girault, 1913 in Malaysia-peninsular:

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Sivapragasam, A.; Syed, A.R.; LaSalle, J.; Ruwaida, M.; Hong, L.W.; Sastroutomo, S.S.; Caunter, I.G.; Ali, J.; Yeang, L.K. 1999, Parasitoids of invasive agromyzid leafminers on vegetables in Peninsular Malaysia. Biological control in the tropics: towards efficient biodiversity and bioresource management for effective biological control. Proceedings of the Symposium on biological control in the tropics, MARDI Training Centre, Serdang, Malaysia from 18-19 March 1999. pp.127-129 (Eds: Vijaysegaran, S.; Sen. Y.H.) CABI Publishing, Wallingford, U.K.