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Records of Ooencyrtus pinicola Matsumura, 1926 in Japan:

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Matsumura, S. 1926, On the five species of Dendrolimus injurious to conifers in Japan, with their parasitic and predacious insects. Journal of the College of Agriculture, Hokkaido Imperial University, Sapporo 18:37 (Parasitoid identification correct)     view Matsumura, S.  (1926) in PDF format
Matsumura, S. 1926, On the three species of Dendrolimus (Lepidoptera) which attack spruce and fir trees in Japan with their parasites and predaceous insects. Ezhegodnik Zoologicheskago Muzeya Imperatorkoy Akademii Nauk, Leningrad 26:44-45 (Parasitoid identification correct) [ Published September 1926 and thus a junior objective synoynym of Encyrtus pinicolus Matsumura, February 1926. ]     view Matsumura, S.  (1926) in PDF format
Thompson, W.R. 1955, A catalogue of the parasites and predators of insect pests. Section 2. Host parasite catalogue, Part 3. Hosts of the Hymenoptera (Calliceratid to Evaniid). pp.250 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, The Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    
Zhang, Y.Z.; Li, W.; Huang, D.W. 2005, A taxonomic study of Chinese species of Ooencyrtus (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae). Zoological Studies 44(3):357