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Records of Ooencyrtus Ashmead, 1900 in Italy:

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Bin, F.; Colazza, S. 1988, Egg parasitoids, Hym. Scelionidae and Encyrtidae, associated with Hemiptera Plataspidae. Trichogramma and other egg parasitoids. 2nd International Symposium, Guanzhou, China, Nov. 10-15 1986 pp.33-34 (Eds: Voegele, J.; Waage, J.; Lenteren, J. van)    
Ciampolini, M.; Ugolini, A. 1975, Information on the aetiology of the beech borer on hazel and its control. Informatore Fitopatologico 25(1):21-27 (Parasitoid identification probably incorrect) [ Parasitoid probably belongs to the genus Oobius. ]    
Spina, A. 2000, Aelia rostrata discovered in Sicily. Informatore Agrario Supplemento 56(35):45-46