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Records of Copidosoma truncatellum Dalman, 1820 in Italy:

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Cazzuoli, A.L. 1996, Observations on the lepidopteran Plusia festucae L., and the life cycle of one of its endoparasites Litomastix truncatellus (Dalman). Natura Modenese 3:39-41 (Parasitoid identification probably incorrect) [ Parasitoid probably a misidentification of Copidosoma floridanum (Ashmead) (see Noyes, 1988:197-204 ]    
Garzia, G.T.; Siscaro, G. 2003, Notes on natural enemies of armyworms infesting tomato protected crops in south-eastern Sicily. Acta Horticulturae 614(Vol. 2):837-841 (Parasitoid identification needs confirmation)    
Guerrieri, E.; Noyes, J.S. 2005, Revision of the European species of Copidosoma Ratzeburg (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), parasitoids of caterpillars (Lepidoptera). Systematic Entomology 30(1):122    
Herting, B. 1976, Lepidoptera, Part 2 (Macrolepidoptera). A catalogue of parasites and predators of terrestrial arthropods. Section A. Host or Prey/Enemy. 7:88-89 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control (Parasitoid identification probably incorrect) [ The parasitoid is probably Copidosoma floridanum (Ashmead). ]    
Japoshvili, G.; Hansen, L.O.; Guerrieri, E. 2013, The Norwegian species of Copidosoma Ratzeburg (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Encyrtidae). Zootaxa 3619:151    
OILB 1971, Liste d'identification des entomophages 8. pp.21 OILB, Genève    
Triggiani, O. 1969, Infestazione di Plusia (Chrysodeixus) chalcites Esp. su fagiolino coltivato in serra. Entomologica, Bari 5:66-77