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Records of Trichogramma platneri Nagarkatti, 1975 in Israel:

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Wellinga, S.; Wysoki, M. 1989, Preliminary investigation of food source preferences of the parasitoid Trichogramma platneri Nagarkatti (Hymentoptera, Trichogrammatidae). Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzen- und Umweltschutz 62(7):133-135    
Keywords: Biological control
Wysoki, M.; Jong, M. de; Rene, S. 1988, Trichogramma platneri Nagarkatti (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammtidae): its biology and ability to search for eggs of two lepidopterous avocado pests, Boarmia selenaria Schiffermueller (Geometridae) and Cryptoblabes gnidiella Millere (Phycitidae) in Israel. (In: Les trichogrammes. Second International Symposium.) Colloques de l'INRA 43:295-301 (Eds: Voegelé, J.; Waage, J.; Lenteren, J.C. van)    
Keywords: Biological control
Wysoki, M.; Renneh, S. 1985, Introduction into Israel of Trichogramma platneri, an egg parasite of Lepidoptera. Phytoparasitica 13(2):139-140    
Keywords: Biological control