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Records of Aphytis Howard, 1900 in Israel:

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Applebaum, S.W.; Rosen, D. 1964, Ecological studies on olive scale, Parlatoria oleae in Israel. Journal of Economic Entomology 57:847-850 [ Several species of parasitoid genus recorded, including Aphytis mytilaspidis. ]    
Argov, Y.; Rössler, Y. 1988, Introduction of beneficial insects into Israel for the control of insect pests. Phytoparasitica 16:310    
Keywords: Biological control
Avidov, Z.; Rosen, D.; Gerson, U. 1963, A comparative study on the effects of aerial versus ground spraying of poisoned baits against the Mediterranean fruit fly on the natural enemies of scale insects in Citrus groves. Entomophaga 8(3):205-212    
Ben-Dov, Y.; Rosen, D. 1969, Efficacy of natural enemies of the California red scale on citrus in Israel. Journal of Economic Entomology 62(5):1057-1060    
Keywords: Biological control
Berlinger, M.J.; Dahan, R.; Podoler, H.; Segre, L. 1985, Preliminary survey of insects attacking jojoba in southern Israel and of their natural enemies. Proceedings of the sixth international conference on jojoba and its uses, 21-26 October 1984, Israel pp.219-223 University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona, USA    
Ishaaya, I.; Mendel, Z.; Blumberg, D. 1992, Effect of buprofezin on California Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell), in a Citrus orchard. Israel Journal of Entomology 25-26:67-71    
Kehat, M. 1967, Survey and distribution of common lady beetles (Col. Coccinellidae) on date palm trees in Israel. Entomophaga 12(2):119-125 [ Parasitoid species identified as close to Aphytis citrinus. ]    
Rosen, D. 1979, The importance of cryptic species and specific identifications as related to biological control. Beltsville symposia in agricultural research. (2) Biosystematics in agriculture, 8-11 May 1977, Beltsville, Maryland, USA. pp.23-25    
Keywords: Biological control
Rosen, D.; DeBach, P. 1973, Systematics, morphology and biological control. Entomophaga 18(3):215-222    
Keywords: Biological control
Thompson, W.R. 1953, A catalogue of the parasites and predators of insect pests. Section 2. Host parasite catalogue. Part 2. Hosts of the Hymenoptera (Agaonidae to Braconidae). pp.5 Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada