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Records of Hobbya stenonota Ratzeburg, 1848 in Iran:

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Askew, R.R.; Plantard, O.; G√≥mez, J.F.; Hernandez Nieves, M.; Nieves-Aldrey, J.L. 2006, Catalogue of parasitoids and inquilines in galls of Aylacini, Diplolepini and Pediaspidini (Hym., Cynipidae) in West Palaearctic. Zootaxa 1301:27-28    
Askew, R.R.; Sadeghi, S.E.; Tavakoli, M. 2006, Chalcidoidea (Hym.) in galls of Diplolepis mayri (Schlechtendal) (Hym., Cynipidae) in Iran, with the description of a new species of Pseudotorymus Masi (Hym., Torymidae). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 142:5    
Lotfalizadeh, H.; Rajabi, M.; Madjdzadeh, S.M. 2012, Parasitoid community of Diplolepis fructuum (Rubsaamen) (Hym.: Cynipidae) in Kerman Province, with checklist of associated Hymenoptera fauna in Iran. North-Western Journal of Zoology 8(1):126,128,130     view Lotfalizadeh, H.; Rajabi, M.; Madjdzadeh, S.M.  (2012) in PDF format