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Records of Eurytoma Illiger, 1807 in Iran:

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Hesami, S.A.; Akrami, M.A.; Baur, H. 2005, Leucospis dorsigera Fabricius (Hymenoptera, Leucospidae) as a hyperparasitoid of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) through Xoridinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) in Iran. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 14(1):66     view Hesami, S.A.; Akrami, M.A.; Baur, H.  (2005) in PDF format
Lotfalizadeh, H.; Rasplus, J.-Y.; Delvare, G. 2007, Rose gall wasps and their asssociated fauna (Hymenoptera) in Iran. Redia 89:80 [ Authors note three different unidetified species of Eurytoma Illiger. ]    
OILB 1971, Liste d'identification des entomophages 8. pp.30 OILB, Genève [ Four species of Eurytoma Illiger recorded, one cited as Eurytoma near infracta Mayr, another as Eurytoma near strigifrons Thomson and a third as Eurytoma near wachtli Mayr. ]    
Sharifi, S.; Javadi, I. 1971, Control of Rosaceae branch borer in Iran. Journal of Economic Entomology 64(2):484-486