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Records of Trichogramma japonicum Ashmead, 1904 in India-Uttar Pradesh:

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Garg, D.K.; Kumar, P.; Singh, R.N.; Pathak, M. 2002, Role of parasitoid Trichogramma japonicum and other natural enemies in the management of yellow stem borer and leaf folder in basmati rice. Indian Journal of Entomology 64(2):117-123    
Keywords: Biological control
Pandey, K.P.; Singh, R.G.; Singh, S.B. 1997, Integrated control of top borer Scirpophaga excerptalis Wlk in eastern U.P. Indian Sugar 47(7):491-493    
Keywords: Biological control
Pathak, M.; Garg, D.K.; Jeswani, M.D.; Singh, R.N. 2002, Farmers participatory IPM in basmati rice - a case study. Annals of Plant Protection Sciences 10(2):386-388    
Keywords: Biological control
Singh, S.S. 1999, Studies on the occurrence of natural enemies of rice yellow stem borer. Annals of Agricultural Research 20(1):125-126