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Records of Aphytis diaspidis Howard, 1881 in India-Uttar Pradesh:

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Hayat, M. 1986, Family Aphelinidae. (In: Subba Rao, B.R.; Hayat, M. (Eds) - The Chalcidoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of India and the adjacent countries. Part II.) Oriental Insects 20:147 (Parasitoid identification needs confirmation)     view Hayat, M.  (1986) in PDF format
Sahai, B.; Joshi, L.D. 1965, Bionomics and biological control of San José scale (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comstock) in U.P. Punjab Horticulture Journal 5(1):37-43    
Keywords: Biological control