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Records of Ooencyrtus papilionis Ashmead, 1905 in India-Maharashtra:

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Gupta, A.; Lokhande, S.A.; Soman, A. 2013, Parasitoids of Hesperiidae from peninsular India with description of a new species of Dolichogenidea (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitic on caterpillar of Borbo cinnara (Wallace) (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). Zootaxa 3701(2):289    
Mani, M.; Krishnamoorthy, A. 1996, First record of Ooencyrtus papilionis Ashmead (Encyrtidae: Hymenoptera) on pomegranate butterfly Deudorix isocrates Fabr. (Lycaenidae: Lepidoptera). Entomon 21(3/4):275-276