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Records of Eurytoma Illiger, 1807 in India-Maharashtra:

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Kandalkar, H.G.; Atale, S.B.; Men, U.B.; Morey Ku, K.J. 1998, Record of hymenopterous larval parasites of skipper, Pelopidas mathias Fb. on sorghum. PKV Research Journal 22(2):213-214    
Kandalkar, H.G.; Atale, S.B.; Men, U.B.; Morey, K.J. 1998, Record of two larval parasitoids of the skipper Pelopidas mathias (Fab.) on sorghum. Insect Environment 4(1):19    
Sathe, T.V.; Gosawi, N.B.; Devigre, D.V. 1986, Parasitic complex associated with Chapra mathias Fab., a paddy pest in Kolhapur. Geobios. Geobios New Reports. 5(1):59-60    
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Ukey, S.P.; Radke, S.G.; Gawande, R.B. 1991, Efficacy of insecticides against bud borer of chilli. PKV Research Journal 15(2):129-133    
Ukey, S.P.; Radke, S.G.; Gawande, R.B.; Thakare, H.S. 1989, First record of bud borers, Eurytoma sp., Goethella sp. and Ceratoneura indi Girault on chilli in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state. PKV Research Journal 13(1):73-77 [ Parasitoid cited as Eurytoma near dentata. ]    
Ukey, S.P.; Sarode, S.V. 2001, Management of bud borer and fruit borer of chilli crop through integrated approach. PKV Research Journal 25(1):24-29