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Records of Encarsia Foerster, 1878 in India-Maharashtra:

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Charati, S.N.; Pokharkar, D.S.; Ghorpade, S.A. 2003, Abundance of spiralling whitefly, a newly introduced pest in Maharashtra State. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 28(1):83-84    
Kapadia, M.N.; Puri, S.N. 1989, Seasonal incidence of natural enemies of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) on cotton. Indian Journal of Ecology 16(2):164-168    
Rao, N.G.V.; Lokhande, R.K.; Punit Mohan 1996, Parasitoid of citrus aleyrodids: their behaviour and seasonal occurrence. Advances in Plant Sciences 9(2):147-149    
Satpute, P.P.; Taley, Y.M.; Nimbalkar, S.A.; Kadu, N.R. 1989, Natural enemies of the citrus black fly, Aleurocanthus woglumi Ashby, in Nagpur region. Bulletin of Entomology. Entomological Society of India. 27(2):128-131 [ Two species of parasitoid genus noted. ]