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Records of Parachrysocharis javensis Girault, 1913 in India-Haryana:

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Chaudhary, J.P.; Kaushik, S.K.; Singh, R.; Mrig, K.K. 1987, Role of natural enemies on the suppression of the sugar-cane leafhopper Pyrilla perpusilla Walker. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 35(1):15-19    
Chhillar, B.S.; Madan, Y.P. 1992, Biological control of sugarcane leaf hopper, Pyrilla perpusilla Walker. Indian Sugar 42(9):691-694    
Yadav, R.P.; Chaudhary, J.P. 1985, Effect of seasonal changes on survival, development and population build up of Tetrastichus pyrillae Crawford (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in Haryana. Indian Journal of Ecology 12(1):113-118