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Records of Trichogrammatoidea brasiliensis Ashmead, 1904 in India-Bihar:

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Bhattacharya, A.; Mishra, Y.D.; Sushil, S.N.; Jaiswal, A.K.; Kumar, K.K. 2003, Relative efficacy of some Trichogramma spp. for management of lepidopteran predators of lac insect, Kerria lacca (Kerr) under field conditions. Biological control of lepidopteran pests. Proceedings of the Symposium of Biological Control of Lepidopteran Pests, July 17-18, 2002, Bangalore, India. pp.301-303 (Eds: Tandon, P.L.; Ballal, C.R.; Jalali, S.K.; Rabindram R.J.) Society for Biocontrol Advancement, Bangalore, India    
Keywords: Biological control
Kumar, D.; Krishna, G.; Sengupta, A.; Sahay, R.N. 2003, Effectiveness of IPM module for tomato in the farmers field of Ranchi District. Journal of Research, Birsa Agricultural University 15(1):125-128    
Keywords: Biological control