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Records of Acerophagus maculipennis Mercet, 1923 in Georgia:

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Guerrieri, E.; Pellizzari, G. 2009, Parasitoids of Pseudococcus comstocki in Italy, Clausenia purpurea and Chrysoplatycerus splendens: first records from Europe. Bulletin of Insectology 62(2):180     view Guerrieri, E.; Pellizzari, G.  (2009) in PDF format
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Keywords: Biological control
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Keywords: Biological control
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Keywords: Biological control
Yasnosh, V.A. 1987, State and perspectives of entomophagous insects introduced for control of pests in fruit crops and grapes in Georgia. Biological Control of Fruit Pests pp.9, 13 (Eds: Yasnosh, V.A.; Mzhavanadze, A.V.) Tbilisi    
Keywords: Biological control