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Records of Eupelmus Dalman, 1820 in Egypt:

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El-Heneidy, A.H.; Omar, A.H.; El-Sherif, H.; El-Khawas, M.A. 2001, Survey and seasonal abundance of the parasitoids of the olive fruit fly, Bacterocera (Dacus) oleae Gmel. (Diptera: Trypetidae) in Egypt. Arab Journal of Plant Protection 19(2):80-85    
Ismail, I.I.; Abu-Zeid, N.A.; Abdallah, F.F. 1988, Ecological and behavioural studies on olive tree borers and their parasites. Agricultural Research Review 66(1):145-152    
Tawfik, H.M.; Ramadan, H.M. 2006, New species of Hyssopus (H. aegyptiaca sp. n.) (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Eulophinae) parasitizing the leopard moth larvae, Zeuzera pyrina L. (Lepidoptera: Cossidae). Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control 16(1/2):73