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Records of Aprostocetus ceroplastae Girault, 1916 in Egypt:

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Bakr, R.F.A.; Badawy, R.M.; Hamooda, L.S.; 2010, Taxonomic and ecological studies on the new record, Ceroplastes cirripediformis Comstock, 1881, (Coccidae: Homoptera) at Qaliobiya governate. Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences (A) 3(2):121     view Bakr, R.F.A.; Badawy, R.M.; Hamooda, L.S.;  (2010) in PDF format
Hafez, M.B.; El-Minshawy, A.M.; Donia, A.R. 1987, Population fluctuations on parasites of Lepidosaphes beckii Newm. and Ceroplastes floridensis Comst. Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzen- und Umweltschutz 60(1):6-9    
Ragab, M.E. 1995, Efficiency of Scutellista cyanea Motsch. (Hym., Pteromalidae) and Tetrastichus ceroplastae (Gir.) (Hym., Eulophidae) in population suppression of Ceroplastes rusci L. (Hom., Coccidae). Journal of Applied Entomology 119(9):627-630