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Records of Eretmocerus Haldeman, 1850 in Burkina Faso:

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Otoidobiga, L.C.; Vincent, C.; Stewart, R.K. 2003, Susceptibility of field populations of adult Bemisis tabaci Gennadius (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) and Eretmocerus sp. (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) to cotton insecticides in Burkina Faso (West Africa). Pest Management Science 59(1):97-106    
Otoidobiga, L.C.; Vincent, C.; Stewart, R.K. 2004, Relative abundance of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) and its parasitoids, and the impact of augmentative release of Eretmocerus spp. (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on the population dynamics of the pest in Burkina Faso (West Africa). International Journal of Pest Management 50(1):11-16