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Records of Encarsia guadeloupae Viggiani, 1987 in Benin:

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D'Almeida, Y.A.; Lys, J.A.; Neuenschwander, P.; 1998, Impact of two accidentally introduced species (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) and other biotic and abiotic factors on the spiralling whitefly Aleurodics dispersus (Russell) Biocontrol Science and Technology 8(1):163-173    
Hern├índez-Su├írez, E.; Carnero, A.; Aguiar, A.; Prinsloo, G.; LaSalle, J.; Polaszek, A. 2003, Parasitoids of whiteflies (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae, Eulophidae, Platygastridae; Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from the Macaronesian archipelagos of the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores. Systematics and Biodiversity 1(1):69    
Neuenschwander, P. 1994, Spiralling whitefly, Aleurodicus dipersus, a recent invader and new cassava pest. African Crop Science Journal 2(4):419-421    
Ramani, S.; Poorani, J.; Bhumannavar, B.S. 2002, Spiralling whitefly, Aleurodicus dispersus, in India. Biocontrol News and Information 23(2):56N [ Parasitoid species fortuitously introduced with its host Aleurodicus dispersus. ]    
Keywords: Biological control