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Records of Ormyrus nitidulus Fabricius, 1804 in Austria:

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Askew, R.R.; Melika, G.; Pujade-Villar, J.; Schönrogge, K.; Stone, G.N.; Nieves-Aldrey, J.L. 2013, Catalogue of parasitoids and inquilines in cynipid oak galls in the west Palaearctic. Zootaxa 3643(1):9    
Askew, R.R.; Plantard, O.; Gómez, J.F.; Hernandez Nieves, M.; Nieves-Aldrey, J.L. 2006, Catalogue of parasitoids and inquilines in galls of Aylacini, Diplolepini and Pediaspidini (Hym., Cynipidae) in West Palaearctic. Zootaxa 1301:30-32 (Record requires confirmation)    
Herting, B. 1977, Hymenoptera. A catalogue of parasites and predators of terrestrial arthropods. Section A. Host or Prey/Enemy. 4:101-102 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Institute of Biological Control    
Schmidt, F. 1851, Inhabitants of oak-galls at Laybach. Bericht über die Mitteilungen von Freunden der Naturwissenschaften in Wien 7:51 (Parasitoid identification correct)    
Walker, F. 1847, Notes on some Chalcidites and Cynipites in the collection of the Rev. F.W. Hope. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 19:227 (Parasitoid identification correct)     view Walker, F.  (1847) in PDF format