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Records of Eurytoma Illiger, 1807 in Australia-New South Wales:

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Auld, T.D. 1991, Patterns of predispersal seed predators in the Fabaceae of the Sydney region, south-eastern Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 39(5):519-528    
Auld, T.D.; Denham, A.J. 2001, Predispersal seed predation in shrubs of Grevillea (Proteaceae) from south-eastern Australia. Australian Journal of Botany 49(1):17-21    
Auld, T.D.; O'Connell, M.A. 1989, Changes in predispersal seed predation levels after fire for two Australian legumes, Acacia elongata and Sphaerolbium vimeneum. Oikos 54:55-59 [ Two species of Eurytoma recorded. ]