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Xu, H.Y.; Yang, N.W.; Wan, F.H. 2013, Competitive interactions between parasitoids provide new insight into host suppression. Plos ONE 8(11)(e82003):1-11     view Xu, H.Y.; Yang, N.W.; Wan, F.H.  (2013) in PDF format
Xu, H.Y.; Yang, N.W.; Wan, F.H. 2015, Field cage evaluation of interspecific interaction of two aphelinid parasitoids and biocontrol effect on Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) Middle East-Asia Minor 1. Entomological Science 18(2):237-244    
Xu, H.Y.; Yang, N.W.; Wan, F.H. 2015, Female reproductive system and ovary development of two parasitoids of tobacco whitefly. Science and Technology Review 33(7):79-83    
Xu, I.; Jacobsen, C.M.; Cho, I.K.; Hara, A.H.; Li, Q.X. 2006, Application of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the analysis of imidacloprid in wiliwili tree, Erythrina sandwicensis O. Deg, for control of the wasp Quadrastichus erythrinae. Journal of Agricultral and Food Chemistry 54(22):8555-8449 [ On-line: http://pubs.acs.org/journals/jafcau/ ]    
Keywords: Control of chalcid pests; Chalcidoidea as pests; Chalcidoid phytophagy
Xu, J.; Yang, X.B.; Lin, Y.; Zang, L.S.; Tian, C.Y.; Ruan, C.C. 2016, Effect of fertilized, unfertilized, and UV-irradiated hosts on parasitism and suitability for Trichogramma parasitoids. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 161(1):50-56    
Xu, J.; Zhou, J.; Liu, X.H.; Lu, X.P. 2009, Cloning, expression and purification of a recombinant triosephosphate isomerase from Apis mellifera ligustica. Chinese Bulletin of Entomology 46(5):703-709    
Xu, J.J.; Feng, H.G.; Li, C.; Xun, T.; Wang, L.; Li, Z.G.; He, J.; Guo, W.C. 2014, Effect of releasing Trichogramma to control the Cydia pomonella (L.) and Grapholitha molesta (Busch). Chinese Journal of Biological Control 30(5):690-695    
Xu, J.J.; Guo, W.C.; Yao, J.; Turxun; Wang, Z.P.; Hamiti; Arkerdan 2004, Study on using mass-release Trichogramma chilonis to control Helicoverpa armigera in cotton field in Xinjiang. Xinjiang Agricultural Sciences 41(5):378-380    
Keywords: Biological control; Hosts; Percentage parasitism
Xu, J.L.; Yang, G.Q. 1981, Studies on the biology and utilization of Pteromalus puparum (L.). Natural Enemies of Insects 3(4):14-17    
Keywords: Biological control; Biology; Hosts
Xu, J.Z.; Huigens, M.E.; Orr, D.; Groot, A.T. 2014, Differential response of Trichogramma wasps to extreme sex pheromone types of the noctuid moth Heliothis virescens. Ecological Entomology 39(5):627-636    
Records 141 - 150 of 268
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