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Pajni, H.R.; Tewari, P.K. 2004, A new species of Uscana Girault (Trichogrammatidae: Hymenoptera) from the eggs of field bruchids. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 101(2):285-287    
Keywords: Hosts; Key to species; Taxonomy
Pak, G.A. 1986 (28 Feb 1986), Behavioral variations among strains of Trichogramma spp. A review of the literature on host-age selection. Journal of Applied Entomology 101(1):55-64    
Keywords: Host selection; Review; Races/strains, parasitoid
Pak, G.A. 1988, Selection of Trichogramma for inundative biological control. PhD Theses, Wageningen Agricultural University :224pp    
Keywords: Biological control; Quality of parasitoids
Pak, G.A. 1992, Inundative release of Trichogramma for the control of cruciferous Lepidoptera: preintroductory selection of, and effective parasitoid. Diamondback moth and other crucifer pests; second international workshop, Tainan, Taiwan, December 10-14, 1990 :297-308 (Ed: Talekar, N.S.) Asian Vegetable Research and Developement Center (AVRDC), Shanhua, Tawian (ISBN 92-9058-054-2)    
Keywords: Biological control
Pak, G.A.; Berkhout, H.; Klapwijk, J. 1991, Do Trichogramma look for hosts? Colloques de l'INRA No 56:77-80 (Eds: Wajneberg, E.; Vinson, S.B.) Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Paris, France (ISBN 2-7380-0323-0)    
Keywords: Host locating
Pak, G.A.; Buis, H.C.E.M.; Heck, I.C.C.; Hermans, M.L.G. 1986, Behavioural variations among the strains of Trichogramma spp.: host-age selection. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 40(3):247-258    
Keywords: Host selection; Races/strains, parasitoid
Pak, G.A.; Dalen, A. van; Kaashoek, N.; Dijkman, H. 1990, Host egg chorion structure influencing host suitability for the egg parasitoid Trichogramma Westwood. Journal of Insect Physiology 36(11):869-875    
Keywords: Host effect on p. development/morphology/size; Host selection; Parasitoid development
Pak, G.A.; Halder, I. van; Lindeboom, R.; Stroet, J.J.G. 1985, Ovarian egg supply, female age and plant spacing as factors influencing searching activity in the egg parasite Trichogramma sp. Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen, Rijksuniversiteit Gent 50(2a):369-378    
Keywords: Fecundity; Host locating
Pak, G.A.; Heiningen, T.G. van 1985, Behavioural variations amongt strains of Trichogramma spp.; adaptability to field-temperature conditions. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 38(1):3-13    
Keywords: Biological control; Oviposition; Races/strains, parasitoid
Pak, G.A.; Heiningen, T.G. van; Alebeek, F.A.N. van; Hassan, S.A.; Lenteren, J.C. van 1989, Experimental inundative releases of different strains of the egg parasite Trichogramma in Brussels sprouts. Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology 95(3):129-142    
Keywords: Biological control; Races/strains, parasitoid
Records 121 - 130 of 2778
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