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Lakshminarayana, M. 1992, Competitive ability of Trichogramma chilonis Ishii and Telenomus proditor Nixon in parasitizing the eggs of castor semilooper (Achaea janata L.). Journal of Oilseeds Research 9(2):351-352    
Keywords: Competition; Hosts; Parasitism
Lal, B. 1946, Biological notes on Pleurotropis foveolatus Crawford - a larval parasite of Epilachna vigintioctopunctata Fab. Current Science 15:138-139    
Keywords: Biology; Hosts; Parasitism
Lal, B.; Farooqi, S.I.; Husain, T. 1991, Neoeukobelea mayarami gen. et sp. nov. (Hymenoptera: Torymidae) bred from Ficus fruits of India. Journal of Science and Literature 1(1):18-22    
Keywords: Hosts; Chalcidoid phytophagy; Taxonomy
Lal, B.; Verma, B.R.; Kapur, M.L. 1991, New host records of seed infesting chalcid, Megastigmus sp. Journal of Science and Literature 1(1):7-8    
Keywords: Chalcidoid phytophagy
Lal, K. 1966, Some aspects of the embryology of Tetrastichus pyrillae Craw. (Eulophidae: Hymenoptera). Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences (B) 64:38-44    
Keywords: Embryology; Parasitism
Lal, K. 1969, Some aspects of the embryology of Tetrastichus pyrillae Craw., and important chalcid egg parasite of Pyrilla perpusilla Walker, a serious pest of sugar cane. Proceedings of the National Institute of Sciences of India (B) 35:197-204    
Keywords: Embryology; Hosts
Lal, K.B. 1934, Indian parasites of Psyllidae. Parasitology, Cambridge 26:325-334    
Lal, K.B. 1938, The first record of the eulophid genus Azotus from India (Chalcidoidea: Hymenoptera). Records of the Indian Museum 40:1-4     view Lal, K.B.  (1938a) in PDF format
Keywords: Distribution
Lal, K.B. 1938, Phytopathology - Entomology. Ann. Rev. biochem. Res. India 9:124-139    
Lal, K.B.; Siddiqui, Z.A. 1953, Biology of the peach leaf-curling aphis in the Kumaon hills. Indian Journal of Entomology 14:191-196    
Records 121 - 130 of 2515
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