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Han, S.C.; Lin, W.H.; Li, L.Y.; Chen, Q.X.; Zeng, B.K. 1999, In vitro rearing of Trichogramma ostriniae with artificial medium. Kunchong Tiandi (Natural Enemies of Insects) 21(1):9-12    
Keywords: In vitro rearing (artificial media); Nutrition
Han, S.C.; Liu, W.H.; Chen, Q.X.; Zeng, B.K.; Chen, N.R.; Lin, J.X.; Yu, F.X. 1999, Mass releasing Anastatus japonicus to control Tessaratoma papillosa in Hong Kong. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 15(2):54-56    
Keywords: Biological control; Dispersal/movement of parasitoid; Release methods for BC agents
Han, S.C.; Liu, W.H.; Li, L.V.; Chen, Q.X.; Zeng, B.K. 2000, In vitro rearing of Trichogramma ostriniae Pang et Chen. (Abstract 1431) Abstracts, XXI International Congress of Entomology, Brazil, August 20-26, 2000 1:361    
Keywords: In vitro rearing (artificial media)
Han, S.H.; Ndiaye, A.B.; Hemptinne, J.L. 2007, Host-plants and predators of Rastrococcus invadens Williams, 1986, newly introduced in Dakar area, Senegal (Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae). Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France 112(1):121-125    
Keywords: Biological control
Han, S.J.; Pan, C.; Han, B.Y. 2016, Changes in volatiles of tea shoots damaged by tea green leafhoppers and their attraction to Schizophragma parvula Ogloblin. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 32(2):142-148    
Han, S.S.; Lee, M.H.; Lim, C.Y.; Yun, T.Y.; Kim, J.H.; Paik, J.C.; Ryoo, M.I. 1996, Cabbage worm, Artogeia rapae immunodeficiency syndrome caused by virus-like particles in the parasitoid wasp. Korean Journal of Entomology 26(3):279-287    
Keywords: Micro organisms; Host reaction to parasitism
Han, Y.; Wang, H.; Chen, J.; Cai, W.; Hua, H. 2015, No impact of transgenic cry2Aa rice on Anagrus nilaparvatae, an egg parasitoid of Nilaparvata lugens, in laboratory tests. Biological Control 82:46-51    
Han, Z.Q. 1983, Bionomics of Aphidius avenea. Kunchong Zhishi (Insect Knowledge) 20(5):209-211    
Hanafi, A.; Bouharroud, R.; Amouat, S.; Miftah, S. 2007, Efficiency of insect nets in excluding whiteflies and their impact on some natural biological control agents. Acta Horticulturae No 747:383-387    
Keywords: Biological control; Integrated pest management; Greenhouse
Hanafi, A.; Bouharroud, R.; Mitfah, S.; Amouat, S. 2003, Evaluation of different types of insect screens for the exclusion of whiteflies and natural enemies. Bulletin. Section Regionale Ouest Palaearctique, Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique. 26(1):43-47    
Keywords: Biological control; Integrated pest management
Records 371 - 380 of 3433
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