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Han, B.Y.; Lin, J.L.; Zhou, X.G.; Zhang, J.M. 2009, Investigation on morphology of eggs of tea green leafhoppers and morphology and parasitic percentages of mymarids parasitizing the leafhopper eggs. Anhui Nongye Daxue Xuebao 36(1):13-17, Sum No 111    
Keywords: Hosts; Percentage parasitism
Han, C.X.; Fang, Q.; Li, K.; Hu, C.; Ye, G.Y. 2008, Effects of parasitization by Nasonia vitripennis (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) on the composition and contents of soluble proteins and arylphorin in host Boettcherisca peregrina (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) pupae. Acta Entomologica Sinica 51(10):1003-1010    
Keywords: Host reaction to parasitism; Hosts; Parasitism
Han, G.S.; Chen, A.L.; Wang, J.G.; et al. 2000, Artificial propogation of Chouioia cunea and its applied technology. Senlin Bingchong Tongxun 19(1):26-28    
Keywords: Biological control; Mass rearing
Han, J.J.; Jiang, J.Z.; Su, H.; Sun, M.J.; Wang, P.; Liu, D.H.; Zhou, Z.Q. 2013, Bioactivity, toxicity and dissipation of hexaconazole enantiomers. Chemosphere 93(10):2523-2527    
Han, P.F.; Wu, J.H.; Qiu, B.L.; Ren, S.X. 2012, Extreme low temperature tolerance of Leptocybe invasa. Chinese Bulletin of Applied Entomology 49(6):1553-1558    
Han, Q.X.; Liu, Z.H.; Zhang, J.X.; Liu, G.Z.; Chen, Y.Z.; Mo, Z.H.; Bin, S.Y.; Lin, J.T. 2013, Parasitic bionomics of Aceratoneuromyia indica. Journal of Fruit Science 30(1):147-152    
Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Li, L.Y. 1994, A study on the oviposition synergists for in vitro rearing Trichogramma sp. Entomologia Sinica 1(4):333-338    
Keywords: In vitro rearing (artificial media)
Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Li, L.Y. 1996, The synergists for improving the efficiency of in vitro rearing egg parasitoids. (Abstract 20-015) Proceedings, XX International Congress of Entomology, Firenze, Italy, August 25-31, 1996 :616     view Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Li, L.Y.  (1996) in PDF format
Keywords: In vitro rearing (artificial media)
Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Liu, W.H.; et al. 1993, Research of interspecific competition between Anastatus japonicus and Trichogramma dendrolimi for and insect host egg. Natural Enemies of Insects 15(1):10-13    
Keywords: Competition; Hosts; Parasitism
Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Xu, X.; Zhing, M.L.; Zhu, D.F.; Liu, W.H. 1988, In vitro rearing of Anastatus japonicus Ashmead (Hymen.: Eupelmidae) for controlling the litchi stink bug, Tessaratoma papillosa Drury (Hemip.: Pentatomidae). Natural Enemies of Insects 10(3):170-173    
Keywords: Mass rearing
Records 361 - 370 of 3433
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