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Hamilton, G.C.; Lashomb, J. 1996, Comparison of conventional and biological control intensive pest management programs on eggplant in New Jersey. Florida Entomologist 79(4):488-496     view Hamilton, G.C.; Lashomb, J.  (1996) in PDF format
Keywords: Biological control; Economics (Biocontrol); Integrated pest management
Hamilton, G.C.; Lashomb, J.H.; Patt, J.M. 1996, Impact of selected insecticides used in eggplant production on Edovum puttleri Grissell (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). Journal of Entomological Science 31(4):432-439    
Keywords: Parasitoid development; Parasitoid mortality; Pesticide, effect of
Hamilton, J.T. 1979, Seasonal abundance of Pieris rapae (L.), Plutella xylostella (L.) and their diseases and parasites. General and Applied Entomology 11:59-66    
Hamilton, J.T. 1979, Biological control of insect pests of vegetables. Australian Applied Entomology Research Conference. Queensland Agricultural College, Lawes, June 1979. Invited reviews and situation papers. :230-235 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Canberra, Australia    
Keywords: Biological control
Hamilton, J.T.; Tofflon, R.B. 1987, Insect pests of crucifer vegetables. Agfacts No H8.AE.7:8pp    
Hamilton, K.G.A. 1983 (18 May 1983), Introduced and native leafhoppers common to the Old and New Worlds (Rhynchota: Homoptera: Cicadellidae). Canadian Entomologist 115(5):473-511    
Hamilton, P.A. 1973 (31 Dec 1973), The biology of Aphelinus flavus (Hym. Aphelinidae) a parasite of the sycamore aphid Drepanosiphum platanoides (Hemipt. Aphididae). Entomophaga 18(4):449-462    
Keywords: Biology
Hamilton, P.A. 1974 (31 Dec 1974), The biology of Monoctonus pseudoplatani, Trioxys cirsii and Dyscritulus planiceps, with notes on their effectiveness as parasites of the sycamore aphid, Drepanosiphum platanoides. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 10(4):821-840    
Hamilton, W.D. 1979, Wingless and fighting males in fig wasps and other insects. Sexual selection and reproduction competition in insects. Symposium, XV International Congress of Entomology, Washington. :167-220 (Eds: Blum, M.S.; Blum, N.A.) ISBN 0-12-108750-6    
Keywords: Adult morphology; Competition
Hamiti,; Yao, Y.X.; Zhao, W.X.; Huai, W.X. 2011, Hymenoptera parasitoids of Yponomeuta padella attacking wild orchards in Dorbiljin, Xinjiang. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 27(1):128-131    
Records 321 - 330 of 3433
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