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Hamback, P.A.; Bjorkman, C. 2002, Estimating the consequences of apparent competition: a method for host-parasitoid interactions. Ecology (Washington) 83(6):1591-1596    
Keywords: Competition; Hosts
Hamback, P.A.; Bjorkman, M.; Hopkins, R.J. 2010, Patch size effects are more important than genetic diversity for plant-herbivore interactions in Brassica crops. Ecological Entomology 35(3):299-306    
Hamback, P.A.; Stenberg, J.A.; Ericson, L. 2006, Asymmetric indirect interactions mediated by a shared parasitoid: connecting species traits and local distribution patterns for two chrysomelid beetles. Oecologia 148(3):475-481    
Keywords: Host selection; Hosts
Hambäck, P.A.; Vogt, M.; Tscharntke, T.; Thies, C.; Eglund, G. 2007, Top-down and bottom-up effects on the spatiotemporal dynamics of cereal aphids: testing scaling theory for local density. Oikos 116(12):1995-2006 [ On-line: www.blackwell-synergy.com ]    
Keywords: Hyperparasitism
Hambäck, P.A.; Weingartner, E.; Ericson, L.; Fors, L.; Cassel-Lundhagen, A.; Stenberg, J.A.; Bergsten, J. 2013, Bayesian species delimitation reveals generalist and specialist parasitic wasps on Galerucella beetles (Chrysomelidae): sorting by herbivore or plant host. BMC Evolutionary Biology 13(92):1-14    
Hambleton, E.J. 1937, A bróca do algodoeiro do Brasil, Gasterocercodes brasiliensis Hambleton (Col. Curcul.). Archivos do Instituto Biologico, Sao Paulo 8:47-106    
Hambleton, E.J. 1939, Notas sobree os lepidopteros que atacam os algodoeiros no Brasil. Arquivos do Instituto Biologico, Sao Paulo 10:235-248    
Hambleton, E.J.; Sauer, H.F.G. 1938, Observaçoes sobre as prágas da cultura algodoeira no nordeste e norte do Brasil. Arquivos do Instituto Biologico, Sao Paulo 9:319-330    
Hamburg, H. van 1981, The inadequacy of egg counts as indicators of threshold levels for control of Heliothis armigera on cotton. Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 44:289-295    
Hamburg, H. van 1982, Quarantine services offered by the Plant Protection Research Institute in connection with biological control of eldana borer. South African Sugar Technologists' Association. Proceedings of the Fifty-sixth Annual Congress held at Durban and Mount Edgecombe, 7-11 June, 1982. :88-89 (Ed: Collingwood, D.)    
Records 291 - 300 of 3433
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