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Hagan, H.R. 1929, The fig-insect situation in the smyrna fig district. Journal of Economic Entomology 22(6):900-909    
Hagen, K.S. 1956, Chapter 12. Aquatic Hymenoptera. Aquatic insects of California :289-292 (Ed: Usinger, R.L.) University of California Press, Berkeley, California, USA    
Keywords: Distribution
Hagen, K.S. 1964, Chapter 7. Developmental stages of parasites. Biological control of insect pests and weeds :168-246 (Ed: DeBach, P.) Chapman & Hall, London    
Hagen, K.S. 1996, Aquatic Hymenoptera. An introduction to the aquatic insects of North America (third edition) :474-483 (Eds: Merritt, R.W.; Cummins, K.W.) Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Iowa, USA    
Hagen, K.S.; Bosch, R. van den 1968, Impact of pathogens, parasites, and predators on aphids. Annual Review of Entomology 13:325-384    
Hagen, K.S.; Caltagirone, L.E. 1968 (21 Oct 1968), A new Nearctic species of Karpinskiella (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). Pan-Pacific Entomologist 44(3):241-248    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Hagen, K.S.; Franz, J.M. 1973, A history of biological control. Annual Review of Entomology 1973:433-476    
Keywords: Biological control
Hagen, K.S.; Schlinger, E.I. 1960, Imported Indian parasite of pea aphid established in California. California Agriculture 14(9):5-6    
Hagen, K.S.; Tassan, R.L.; Caltagirone, L.E.; Da Silva, P.G. 1989, Biological control of four exotic pests of landscape plants in California. Programs and Abstracts, International Vedelia Symposium on Biological Control: a Century of Success, March 27-30 1989, Riverside, California :91    
Keywords: Biological control
Hagenbach, J.J. 1822, Symbola Faunae Insectorum Helvetiae, exhibentia vel species nova vel nondum depictas. :48pp, 15 plates, 30 figures Basel    
Records 101 - 110 of 3433
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