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E.F.S.A. Panel 2015, Risk to plant health in the EU territory of the intentional release of the bud-galling wasp Trichilogaster acaciaelongifoliae for the control of the invasive alien plant Acacia longifolia. EFSA Journal 13(4):4079    
E.F.S.A. Panel 2015, Statement on the assessment of the risk posed to plant health in the EU territory by the intentional release of biological control agents of invasive alien plant species. EFSA Journal 13(6):4134    
Eady, R.D. 1956 (29 Mar 1956), Two new species of the genus Paranastatus Masi (Hym. Eupelmidae) from Fiji. Bulletin of Entomological Research 47(1):61-67    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Eady, R.D. 1959 (28 Jan 1959), Revision of the nomenclature in the European Torymidae, with special reference to the Walker types. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 94:257-271    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Eady, R.D. 1960 (13 Jan 1960), A new genus and two new species of Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from the banana scab moth, Nacoleia octasema (Meyr.). Bulletin of Entomological Research 50(4):667-670    
Keywords: Hosts; Taxonomy
Eady, R.D. 1960 (21 Apr 1960), Pentalitomastix, a new name for Pseudolitomastix Eady (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea). Bulletin of Entomological Research 51(1):173    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Eady, R.D. 1968, Some illustrations of microsculpture in the Hymenoptera. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (A) 43:66-72    
Keywords: Adult morphology; Ultrastructure
Early, J.W. 1984, Chapter 16. Parasites and predators. New Zealand Pest and Beneficial Insects :271-308 (Ed: Scott, R.R.) College of Agriculture, Lincoln University, NZ    
Early, J.W. 2000, Fig wasps (Hymenoptera: Agaonidae and Torymidae) in New Zealand. New Zealand Entomologist 23:27-32    
Keywords: Key to species; Mutualism; Chalcidoid phytophagy
Easaw, P.T.; Nagaraja, H.; Vanialingam, T. 1987, IV. The experience in the control of the cocoa pod borer in the Philippines. Management of the Cocoa Pod Borer (Proceedings of the symposium on management of the cocoa pod borer 2nd March Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) :174-176 (Eds: Ooi, P.A.C.; Chan, L.G.; Chong, K.K.; Hai, T.C.; Mamat, M.J.; Tuck, H.C.; Soon, L.G.) The Malaysian Plant Protection Society, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ISBN 967-9942-08-2)    
Records 1 - 10 of 863
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