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Caltagirone, L.E. 1966, A new Pentalitomastix from Mexico (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae). Pan-Pacific Entomologist 42(2):145-151    
Keywords: Hosts; Taxonomy
Caltagirone, L.E. 1970 (02 Apr 1970), Gynandromorphism in the polyembryonic encyrtid Pentalitomastix plethoricus Calt. (Hym.). Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria 'Filippo Silvestri', Portici 28:98-112     view Caltagirone, L.E.  (1970) in PDF format
Keywords: Adult morphology; Sex ratio
Caltagirone, L.E. 1981, Landmark examples in classical biological control. Annual Review of Entomology 26:213-232    
Caltagirone, L.E. 1985, Identifying and discriminating among biotypes of parasites and predators. Biological control in agricultural IPM systems :189-200 (Eds: Hoy, M.A.; Herzog, D.C.)    
Caltagirone, L.E. 1985 (25 Nov 1985), New Copidosomopsis (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from California, with comments on the genus. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 78(6):705-708    
Keywords: Hosts; Taxonomy
Caltagirone, L.E.; Huffaker, C.B. 1980, Benefits and risks ofusing predators and parasites for controlling pests. Environmental Protection and biological forms of control of pest organisms; Proceedings, International Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, May 14-17. :103-110 Ecological Bulletins, Swedish National Science Research Council. ISBN 91-546-0280-7    
Caltagirone, L.E.; Shea, K.P,; Finney, G.L. 1964, Parasites to aid control of navel orangeworm. California Agriculture 18(1):10-12    
Caltagirone, Z.L. 1951, Observations on Arrhenoclavus koehleri (Blanchard) (Hym., Chalc., Encyrtidae). Agricultura Técnica, Santiago 11(1):20-34    
Caltagirone, Z.L. 1957, Acerca de la posición sistemática de Arrhenoclavus koehleri (Blanch.) (Hym., Encyrtidae). Agricultura Técnica, Santiago 17:52-53    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Caltagirone, Z.L. 1957, Insectos entomofagos y sus huespedes anotados para Chile. Agricultura Técnica, Santiago 17:16-48    
Records 131 - 140 of 3276
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