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Bai, M.G.; Sankaran, T. 1977 (19 Jul 1977), Parasites, predators and other arthropods associated with Musca domestica and other flies breeding in bovine manure. Entomophaga 22(2):163-167    
Bai, M.G.; Sankaran, T. 1982, Seasonal occurrence of Musca domestica L. (Dipt.: Muscidae) and other flies in relation to their pupal parasites in animal manure in and around Bangalore. Proceedings of a Symposium on the Ecology of Animal Populations, Zoological Survey of India :133-141 Zoological Suvey of India    
Bai, Q.J.; Yun, X.P.; Xu, L.M.; Huang, J.X.; Cao, L.X. 2013, Population dynamics and spatial distribution pattern of the European sunflower moth, Homoeosoma nebulella. Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology 50(3):777-783    
Bai, S.F.; Li, X.; Chen, X.X.; Cheng, J.A.; He, J.H. 2011, Interspecific competition between two endoparasitoids Cotesia vestalia (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Oomyzus sokolowskii (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 76(3):156-167    
Bai, S.H.; Khorsgani, A.Y. 2006, A study of some biological traits of Trichogramma brassicae Bezd. in five laboratory reared generations on the eggs of Sitotroga cerealella Oliv. & Plodia interpunctella Hub. Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 37(5):Pe857-863, en12    
Keywords: Host effect on p. development/morphology/size; Parasitoid development; Reproduction
Bai, S.X.; Wang, Z.Y.; He, K.L. 2001, The host and host habitat location behavior of hymenopterous parasitoids mediated by semiochemicals. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 17(2):86-91    
Keywords: Host locating; Host selection; Semiochemicals
Bai, S.X.; Wang, Z.Y.; He, K.L.; Dae-joon, I. 2011, Olfactory response of Trichogramma ostriniae (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) to volatiles emitted by mungbean plants. Agricultural Sciences in China 10(4):560-565    
Bai, S.X.; Wang, Z.Y.; He, K.L.; Wen, L.P.; Zhou, D.R. 2004, Olfactory responses of Trichogramma ostriniae Pang et Chen to kairomones from eggs and different stages of female adults of Ostrinia furnacalis (GuenĂ©e). Acta Entomologica Sinica 47(1):48-54    
Keywords: Host locating; Hosts; Kairomones
Bai, W.H.; Liu, A.P.; Song, Y.F.; Xu, S.T. 1990, Investigation of destructive insects on major forage plants in north China. Grassland of China 1990(5):58-60    
Keywords: Chalcidoidea as pests; Chalcidoid phytophagy
Bai, Y.C.; Gu, X.S.; Chen, X.X.; Xu, W.H.; Liu, B.M.; Hu, X.X. 2009, Effects of cold storage on emergence of leafminer parasitoids collected in different seasons. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 25(1):11-15    
Keywords: Diapause; Parasitoid mortality; Effect of temperature on parasite
Records 191 - 200 of 4319
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