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Duponchel, 1843. Hist. nat. Lépid. Papillons Fr.

Histoire Naturelle des Lépidoptères, ou Papillons de France

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Included genera:
Solenobia Duponchel, 1843: 197.

Included type-species:
Coccyx bugnionana Duponchel, 1843: 417, pl.83 fig.11.
Coccyx bugnionana Duponchel, 1843: 417, pl.83 fig.11.
Cochylis pauperana Duponchel, 1843: 170, pl.64 fig.10.
Hercyna pyrenaealis Duponchel, 1843: 400, pl.82, figs 6a, 6b.
Ilithyia cruentella Duponchel, 1843: 365, pl.79, fig.5.
Lita bifractella Duponchel, 1843: 292, pl.74 fig.13.
Ornix binotapennella Duponchel, 1843: 295, pl.75 fig.3.
Ornix badiipennella Duponchel, 1843: 346, pl.78 fig.14.
Ornix flavipennella Duponchel, 1843: 338, pl.78 fig.6.
Solenobia anderreggella Duponchel, 1843: 197, pl.67 fig.1.
Tortrix unifasciana Duponchel, 1843: 135, pl.61 fig.6.

Included type-species designations: none listed

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