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Argyrolepia Stephens, 1834 . Illust. Br. Ent. (Haustellata) IV : 175. [Not in Gilligan, T. M., J. Baixeras, J. W. Brown & K. R. Tuck. 2012 on this page]    [BHLBHL]

Junior Homonym & Objective Synonym

Homonyms: 3

Higher classification:

Tortrix lathoniana Hübner, 1800. Samml. eur. Schmett. 7: pl.30, fig.189. [Not in Gilligan, T. M., J. Baixeras, J. W. Brown & K. R. Tuck. 2012]    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by Westwood , 1840. Introd. mod. Classif. Insects 2(Synopsis Genera Br. Insects): 109. [(as *lathamana, an incorrect subsequent spelling)]    [BHLBHL]

Type specimens:
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Nye & Fletcher (1991) stated:-

Unavailable designations of type-species: (1) Phalaena hartmanniana Clerk, 1759, a nominal species not originally included in Argyrolepia, and not linked in synonymy with one of the originally included nominal species when cited by Duponchel, 1834, in Godart & Duponchel, Hist. nat. Lépid. Papillons Fr. 9: 24, or by Duponchel, 1834, Annls Soc. ent. Fr. 3: 448.
(2) T. lathoniana Hübner was designated by Boisduval, 1836, Hist. nat. Insectes (Spec. gén. Lépid.) 1: 149. In the Introduction to the volume, pages 1-154, Boisduval reviewed earlier classifications of Lepidoptera and designated up to three different type-species for each generic name. In his "Exposé de notre Méthode", pages 155-690, no type-species designation was made for any of the genera he himself used. Under the Code (Edn 3), Article 69(a)(iv), the type-species designation of an author is eligible for consideration if he states that it is the type "... and if it is clear that the author accepts it as the type-species". Boisduval's type-designations, although clearly stated, do not fulfil the last requirement and so are unavailable. Even though Boisduval's 1836 work was well-known to lepidopterists, the type-designation contained in it have not been accepted by Hemming or by other authors.

Argyrolepia Stephens, 1829, is a junior objective synonym of Eugnosta Hübner, [1825]. Argyrolepia was again proposed by Stephens, 1829 [July], Syst. Cat. Br. Insects (2): 190, and again by Stephens, 1834, Illust. Br. Ent. (Haustellata) 4: 175.

See also: Argyrolepis Agassiz, 1847; Eupecillia Herrich-Schäffer, 1851.

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Senior name:
Eugnosta Hübner, 1825: 394.

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