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Paraplocia Aurivillius, 1909 , in Voeltzkow. Wiss. Ergebn. Reise Ostafr. 2 : 336.

Junior Homonym

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:
NOCTUOIDEA : NOCTUIDAE : Subfamily unassigned

Lithosia imparepunctata Oberthür, 1890. Étud. ent. 13: 15, pl.4, figs 19, 20.

Type-species designation:
by original designation .

Type specimens:
? Type status ? COUNTRY: ? Locality, (? Depository)..

Watson, Fletcher & Nye (1980) stated:-

A junior homonym of Paraplocia Pomel, [1872], Paléontologie Prov. Oran. (Zoophytes) 5: 104, - Porifera. The objective replacement name is Calpoparia Watson nom. n. [1980].

Calpoparia Watson, 1980 and Paraplocia were both treated in the Arctiidae, Aganainae by Watson, Fletcher and Nye, 1979 Generic Names Moths World, 2 : 31.

Calpoparia has subsequently been referred to the Noctuidae from the Arctiidae by Goodger & Watson, 1995, The Afrotropical tiger-moths : an illustrated catalogue with generic diagnoses and species distribution, of the Afrotropical Arctiinae (Lepidoptera : Arctiidae), p. 22. Paraplocia is also treated here in the Noctuidae.

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Senior name:
Calpoparia Watson, Fletcher & Nye, 1980: 30.

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