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Orosagrotis Hampson, 1903 . Cat. Lepid. Phalaenae Br. Mus. 4 : xi [index], 135, 658.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Agrotis montana Morrison, 1875. Ann. Lyceum nat. Hist. 11: 94.    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by original designation .

Type specimens:
Lectotype [U.S.A.]: Colorado Mts, (MCZ, Boston)..

Lectotype Desig. by:Smith, 1993, Trans. Am. ent. Soc. 29: 204

Nye (1975) stated:-

Orosagrotis Hampson was considered by the Int. Commn zool. Nom., 1972, Bull. zool. Nom. 29 Opinion 983: 113, and placed on the Official List of Generic Names in Zoology: Name No. 1962, with type-species Agrotis montana Morrison, by original designation. Hampson, on page 135, actually designated Agrotiphila rigida Smith, 1891, Trans. Am. ent. soc. 18: 134, and then dealt with rigida on page 136. In his Addenda on page 658, Hampson stated that Agrotis montana should be inserted on page 136 as the senior synonym of rigida; he omitted, however, except by implication, to change his type-designation on page 135.

Poole (1989) included METAXYJA Hübner, 1821; EXARNIS Hübner, 1821; BROTIS Hübner, 1821; TELMIA Hübner, 1821; MIMETES Hübner, 1821; PLEONECTOPODA Grote, 1873; CARNEADES Grote, 1883; CHORIZAGROTIS Smith, 1890; PARAGROTIS Dyar, 1903; OROSAGROTIS Hampson, 1903; MESOEUXOA Corti, 1932; MENADA Kozhantschikov, 1937; and LONGIVESICA Hardwick, 1970 as junior synonyms of EUXOA Hübner, 1821.

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Junior name(s):
Prosagrotis ; Warren, 1911: 251.

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