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Jo ; Herrich-Schäffer, 1854 . Samml. aussereurop. Schmett. 1(1) : wrapper, pl.20, figs 96, 97.

Incorrect Subsequent Spelling

Homonyms: 1

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Fletcher & Nye (1982) stated:-

An incorrect subsequent spelling of Io Blanchard, 1852. Michener, 1952, Bull. Am. Mus. nat. Hist. 98: 436, incorrect dated * Jo Herrich-Schäffer as 1858 from the text of Herrich-Schäffer's work, not from the Heft which first included the name in the legend to plate 20 printed on the Heft wrapper. The legend to plate 20, figs 96, 97, was published as `Jo auletes Bd. foem. Surinam'; the name Jo did not appear elsewhere on the wrapper. Michener's statement, 1952, ibidem 98: 436, footnote, that Herrich-Schäffer used Io and not Jo on the plates is also incorrect, for only the figure are printed on the plates.

If * Jo is treated as an incorrect subsequent spelling of Io Blanchard, 1852, it is an unavailable name placed with Io in the synomymy of Adetomeris Michener, 1949.

If Jo were to be treated as an available name, it would have Jo auletes Herrich-Schäffer, [1854], as type-species by monotypy, for there is no evidence that Jo is an emendation of any other generic name. It would then become the senior objective synonym of Automerula Michener, 1949. The interests of nomenclatural stability are better served by adopting the former course, an opinion that has the full support of Dr C. Lemaire, the specialist of neotropical Saturniidae (personal communication 10.xii.1978).

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Senior name:
Adetomeris Michener, 1949: 145.

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