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Eustegania Gumppenberg, 1887 . Nova Acta Acad. Caesar. Leop. Carol. 49 : 334 [key]. [Nomenclaturally available, but without included species until Gumppenberg, 1896, ibidem 65: 266 (see below).]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Stegania dalmataria Guenée, 1857. Hist. nat. Ins. 10: 47.

Type-species designation:
by subsequent monotypy . [(of Calomicta Gumppenberg, 1887)]

Type specimens:
Type(s) [YUGOSLAVIA]: Dalmatia, (? Depository)..

Fletcher (1979) stated:-

Gumppenberg originally proposed the generic name Eustegania in a key on page 334 for his genus no. 170; in the Synopsis Generum on page 340 of the same volume he renamed genus no. 170 Calomicta. Gumppenberg probably believed Eustegania to be preoccupied by Stegania Guenée, [1845], for in a similar case he proposed Catastictis unnecessarily as a replacement name for Eufitchia Packard, 1876, in the mistaken belief that it was preoccupied by Fitchia Stâl, 1859.

When Calomicta was fully diagnosed by Gumppenberg in a later part of the same work in 1896, the only included species was Stegania dalmataria Guenée, 1857.

Parsons et al. (1999) included CALOMICTA Gumppenberg, 1887; EUSTEGANIA Gumppenberg, 1887; and TERPNOMICTA Lederer, 1852 as junior synonyms of STEGANIA Guenée, 1845.

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Junior name(s):
Calomicta Gumppenberg, 1887: 340.

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