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Alypia Hübner, 1818 . Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 1 : 22.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Alypia octomaculalis Hübner, 1818. Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 1: 22, figs 119, 120.

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by Grote , 1873. Bull. Buff. Soc. nat. Sci. 1: 30. [(as a junior name of Zygaena octomaculata Fabricius, which Grote placed as the senior synonym of octomaculalis Hubner)]    [BHLBHL]

Type specimens:
Type(s) - male [U.S.A.]: Georgia [formerly] in Florida, (? Depository)..

Nye (1975) stated:-

A. octomaculatis is a junior subjective synonym of Sesia octomaculata Fabricius, 1775, Syst. Ent.: 830 (the type-locality, India, cited by Fabricius was probably incorrect).

See also: Leucosemia Ménétriés, 1857.

Poole (1989) included LEUCOSEMIA Ménétriés, 1857 as a junior synonym of ALYPIA Hübner, 1818.

Poole (1989) included 9 species in the genus ALYPIA.

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