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Alophia Ragonot, 1893 , in Romanoff. Mém. Lépid. 7 : li [key], 433.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Pyralis combustella Herrich-Schäffer, 1855. Syst. Bearb. Schmett. Europ. 6: 146. [; 1852, ibidem 4: Pyralidides pl.22, fig.152 (legend non-binominal)]    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by monotypy .

Type specimens:
See BHL scanned Type-species page: .

Fletcher & Nye (1984) stated:-

Most of the legends to the plates in Herrich-Schüffer, 1843-1856, Syst. Bearbeitung Schmett. Eur. are non-binominal and the names of the new taxa illustrated in the work are dated from the publication of the relevant text. The dates of publication of the parts of Herrich-Schüffer's work are given by Hemming, 1937, Hübner 1: 584-589.

Leraut, 1982, Alexanor 12 (4): 178 stated that the binomen Pempelia combustella Heydenreich, 1851 (August 8), Lepid. eur. Cat. meth. (Syst. Verz. eur. Schmett.) (Edn 3): (131), cited as 'Pemp. Combustella HS.152', is the first available name for the taxon subsequently named Pyralis combustella Herrich-Schüffer, 1855. It seems probable that Heydenreich had access to proof copies of Herrich-Schüffer's plates or to copies that were circulated privately prior to their publication, for the figure cited by Heydenreich was not published until 1852. The citation of 'Pemp. Combustella HS.152' by Heydenreich was not accompanied by a description; it referred only to an unpublished figure and is therefore a nomen nudum.

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