Butterflies and Moths of the World


There are currently an estimated 112,000 to 165,000 described species of butterflies and moths (Scoble, 1999) in nearly 24,000 available and objective replacement genus-group names within 126 families. As of January 2013 this online catalogue comprises more than 32,000 entries and includes all published genus-group names (including available names, objective or subjective replacement names, junior homonyms, junior synonyms, unnecessary replacement names, misspellings, incorrect citations and suppressed, unknown, unavailable, invalid and rejected names) from Linnaeus, 1758, up to Zoological Record, March, 2000 plus additional names from Gerado Lamas (2008) and Gilligan et al. (2010).

Families, subfamilies, tribes and subtribes where relevant, authors, publication dates, references, type-species, type-species designations, type specimen data, synonymy and comments. The references have been standardised as far as possible throughout.

Over 400 full colour images, representing most of the families and subfamilies have also been included. Most images are taken from The Natural History Museum's extensive collections, but some images of live Spanish butterflies have recently been added.

Last updated 28-Jul-2004 Dr B R Pitkin