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Butterflies and Moths of the World


We gratefully acknowledge the huge debt we owe to our predecessors, particularly Frances Hemming, Charles Cowan, Ian Nye, Steven Fletcher, Allan Watson, and Robert Poole whose work and that of many contributors worldwide forms the basis for most of the information reproduced here.

We are also grateful to our colleagues at The Natural History Museum, past and present, for their subsequent additions. In particular we thank Klaus Sattler, whose interest in the project and attention to detail in relation to the gelechiid moths, is very much appreciated. George Beccaloni, Kim Goodger, Jeremy Holloway, Martin Honey, Ian Kitching, Geoff Martin, Mark Parsons, Linda Pitkin, Malcolm Scoble, Campbell Smith, Gaden Robinson and Kevin Tuck also provided additional useful information for which we are very grateful.

We also thank Gerardo Lamas and Richard Vane-Wright for additional information on names of butterflies and skippers, particularly regarding their higher classification.

We also thank Alan Williams-Key for images of live Spanish butterflies.

We also thank Mike Lowndes, the Museum's former webmaster, for creating the initial web-based version of the catalogue and to Mike Sadka, the Museum's Deputy Technical Manager and Science Data Architect, Interactive Media Team, for all subsequent developments.

It is inevitable in a project of this size that errors may have been repeated or newly introduced. Full responsibility for these is with the senior author who welcomes additions, corrections and comments (B.Pitkin@nhm.ac.uk).