PhD research projects

Moss growing on a tree

Epiphytic moss in the cloud forest of St. Helena, image by Silvia Pressel

ACCE DTP Projects

Do cryptic species matter for earthworm ecology?
Using Ancient DNA to explore the effects of land use change on small mammals
Rock-eating fungi? The role of Mucoromycotina 'fine root endophytes' in silicate mineral weathering and plant nutrition

CENTA DTP Projects

Last Interglacial to present heat, salt and nutrient variability in the Indian-Atlantic Ocean gateway from Eparses Islands (Indian ocean) coral core geochemistry
Decoding the Icelandic sedimentary record of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation
Uniting taphonomy and tomography to illuminate early actinopterygian evolution 
Fen Farming Futures: Benefits and drawbacks of sustainable farming

GW4+ DTP Projects

An integrative approach to studying evolutionary radiation, hybridisation and biodiversity: the Cervidae (deer) as an example
Some like it hot: exploring the interplay between host and parasite responses to temperature
The chemical weapons of centipedes: using nanopore sequencing to reveal the unique roles of horizontal gene transfer and microbial symbionts
How do microbiological processes influence ice surfaces?
Quantifying animal personality to explain the coexistence and environmental responses of ants


Counting the cost of living in modern and fossil animals
The evolution of symmetry in echinoderms

SSCP DTP Projects

Diversity, biogeography and ecology of Falkland Islands crustose coralline algae
Photosynthesis and genome evolution of cyanobacteria from polar environments
Detrital mineral records of magmatism and fertility in porphyry copper districts

Other DTP Projects

Killer clams in the deep-sea
Exploring the growth of deep-sea bivalves in areas of potential sea-floor mining