EIPOD4 Fellowship programme

A scientist talking to the public at a stall in a gallery at the Natural History Museum, London

More information

The 2020 call is open from 15 June until 9 September 2020.

For more information and to apply please visit the programme website at: www.embl.org/eipod4

EIPOD4 is a new international postdoctoral fellowship programme co-funded by Marie-Skłodowska Curie Actions (grant agreement number 847543). Designed to support the increasing diversity of career paths in Europe’s research landscape, the programme offers three tracks for fellows to choose from based on their research interests and career aspirations.

The academic track is designed for fellows largely interested in pursuing a classical academic career. The industry track supports interdisciplinary research projects involving an industry partner or applied research projects. The clinical track targets MD/PhDs who aspire to work as physician scientists and fellows with a strong interest in biomedical research.

The Natural History Museum is the public engagement partner for the EIPOD4 programme and will provide training to supported fellows. The Natural History Museum is experienced in training a wide range of science professionals in effective science communication and, as the most visited science museum in the UK with more than 5 million visitors per annum, can provide many varied opportunities to engage with the public.

The Natural History Museum also has a thriving postgraduate and post-doctoral research community into which the EIPOD4 fellows would be integrated.