Herpetology collections

Helmeted toad, Calyptocephallela gayi

Helmeted toad, Calyptocephallela gayi

The Museum's large collection of amphibians and reptiles is one the longest maintained collections in the world, originating in the late eighteenth century.


The collections' scope is global and particularly strong in African and Asian taxa.

Museum staff

Dozens of students, scientific associates, and research assistants have contributed to the development and perpetuity of the herpetology collections.

The following is a partial list of permanent staff who have served the collection.

Looking for a specimen?

The herpetology collection is being digitised

Senior Curator, Reptiles

Patrick Campbell

Curator, Amphibians 

Jeffrey Streicher

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If you would like to use any specimens for research

Associated staff

Head of Vertebrate Division and Merit Researcher

Dr David Gower

Principle Curator in Charge, Vertebrates

Dr Simon Loader

Merit Researcher

Dr Mark Wilkinson

Accessing the collections

Scientists and collections management specialists can visit the collections and borrow specimens for research.

Collections management

Our duty is to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our collections.

Scientific associates

Julia Day 
University College London, UK

Varad Giri
National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

Stephen Mahony
University College Dublin, Ireland

Simon Maddock
University College London, UK

Ross Mounce

Ronald Nussbaum
University of Michigan, USA

John Poynton
University of Natal, South Africa  (retired)

Kate Sanders 
University of Adelaide, Australia